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Kathy 2 years ago
When my husband was in the Army his black platoon sergeant told him he would put him in for a promotion to PFC if he could fuck me. My husband asked me if I would be willing to. I was on my knees with my mouth around his huge cock in less than a minute. He was hung like this guy my husband just sat there while his sergeant fucked me for hours. Later we found out it was an automatic promotion with time in service.
2 years ago
Funny when he said I don't want the sisters hear me saying I gotta get me a white bitch
2 years ago
All I need is a big black cock
Mmm 2 years ago
Who wanna come and fuck me like this
2 years ago
she soud like cat from sam and cat
2 years ago
Female asking Anyone with a 10in dick willing to fuck for hours
Gmmm 1 year ago
Where do I find a man like this? That not only has an amazing cock but ACTUALLY knows how to use it !
SKdreaminginohio 2 years ago
Beautiful young girl with a gorgeous pussy, labia, and clit. Would be insanely gorgeous with nice groomed pubic hair. Getting tired of seeing bald pussies.
Bbc dominance white bitch 7 months ago
You can tell just by the way woman look at us blacks they’re so much more into us than weak white bitch boys we reach places whites didn’t think we’re possible. Pathetic losers with inverted clits. Fucking a white boy isn’t even gay they are just like women physically which is why I enjoy pushing them to their limits
8 months ago
My girlfriend liked when I took her p**** she was scared at first and loving it even though they made her she loved it